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Institute for the collective : 2022

A comic strip highlighting the user's journey as they move across and through the building and spaces. The comic strip aims to deliver the usage to the users in an attractive and easy fashion. 

An agricultural workshop space :

The illustration highlights the way the workshop (for manufacturing products from the agriculture produce) connects the housing of the farmers. 


Basera-Housing for orphans:2018

The illustration highlights the spaces that the kids can interact at. The spaces are essential for creating a set up for community building and learning. 

Redeveloped Housing :2020

The illustration takes you through the spaces in the hosuing that enrich everyday living. 

Talking POVs : 2020

The illustration highlights activities and conversations that origin from balconies of a housing. 

Pol Life : 2018

The artwork brings light and form to the life of a pol (housing) in Gujarat. 

Postcard : 2018

Artwork : 2017

Artwork : 2021

Waves in the hub : 2020

Mural comission work for a resort in Maharashtra. The wall is inteded to be a fun element in the games hub of the resort. The colourful waves adds a pop to the space. 

Flowers in the wind : 2020

The walls of a spa in Mahrashtra were commisioned to extend a calmness and peace to the space. 

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