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The research starts with the study of all development projects in the city of Nagpur and aims to objectively analyze the effect they have on the environment, human population, economics, history, and culture of the city. It further focuses on citizen participation and understanding their role, history, and contribution to these development projects. What is the target audience of the development? How can architecture play a role in maximizing the potential of human involvement in a city?  



The thesis aims to build a space to enable dialogue between stakeholders and government officials and further allow the information and decision-making disseminate to the public, systematically and holistically. 

Understanding user-centric approaches and comparing policies

Identifying participation catalysts and mapping the same













Due to the initial nature of data collection being largely an Online one- the collection of opinions is biased in the larger context. 
The aim of this step is to create a data base of opinions of maximum number of citizens concerned. This aim is best achieved in a system of large discussions and more intensive polls. Due to the restraints created by time and the COVID-19 Pandemic, this step was difficult to conduct on a holistic level. 

Direct and indirect interviews of users : Google forms, in person and online interviews leading to dynamic data

Understanding the community and collecting their viewpoint is the primary step. For this, a varied collection and survey of narratives of various stakeholders are important. At this stage, the collection should be an unbiased compilation of all viewpoints, ideas and oppositions. This collection would further lead to a vast database of the civic society and will enable the determination of the role of the society in the various projects. The best way to address a larger portion of society is through quick questions where the options of their preferred answer are clear and sufficient for them to respond. This stage is usually met with scepticism from the citizens as they doubt the progress and outcome of the process.

Devising an eight step method to induce participation in public deveopment projects

Site study and program statement development

An investigation into the current status of the site - it’s triggers and motives are mapped. The site is understood in terms of the points of interactions available currently and the potential ones that could be created. 

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

2nd floor plan

3rd floor plan

4th floor plan

5th floor plan

6th floor plan

7th floor plan

Section AA

Section BB

Section CC

Section DD

Structural Sections and Wall Sections 

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

Detail 4

Detail 5

Detail 6

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